The Sublog

Dec 14

Requiring feedback when SaaS customers churn. Good or bad idea?

Getting customers to buy your creation seems like a mystical art to some. What motivates a customer to hand over their billing details and start paying for your product?

It's been said that the most constructive feedback comes from people who've just purchased, and those that have decided against it. If you have a SaaS, how do you go about collecting it?

Dec 05

DO NOT REPLY — The best way to tell customers you DGAF.

“Do-not-reply” email addresses say that you’re too lazy to consider your customer’s convenience, and instead value your time over theirs. Every email your organization sends should come from a working email address.

Read on to find out why…

Nov 17

Office Playlist 11.17.13 [PSYCHIC]

Daylight savings time pushed me into some more laid back territory with the office jams for November. This week's playlist has been dominated by Darkside's 'Psychic'.

Nov 12

Startup RapGenius among 50 websites served take-down notices by music publishers

Surprise, surprise…lyric websites across the web have been served take-down notices by the National Music Publishers’ Association after a study reveals the “top 50 undesirable” sites.

The top offender named? RapGenius…

Nov 07

Everpix, Snapchat, and The Startup Lie

At their core, Everpix and Snapchat are both well designed, super hyped software services centered around photography.

So why is Snapchat is flush with VC cash, while Everpix is paying out refunds to once happy customers?

Oct 27

Fake it until you make it - without becoming a fake yourself

Running a business - any business - is hard work. It's well documented that working in tech can be grueling, which is especially true if you're a founder trying make a successful product.

The startup environment can lead people to lie about their skill sets, disguise their intentions, and swindle people that work for them out of what they're owed. These are the 'fakes' that I'm talking about, and I'm not advocating that you behave this way.

As a founder you're going to have high highs and low lows. Dealing with them appropriately is important to your eventual win. How you carry yourself publicly matters.

So when I say you should 'fake it', what kind of deception am I actually talking about? I'm talking about faking your emotional state, and unless you naturally have ice water running through your veins it's a key attribute you'll need to acquire over time.

Oct 21

Three SEO webmaster tools you should know about

Are you missing out on a valuable resource that could improve your organic search rank? Here are 3 SEO keyword tools you should be aware of.

Oct 11

Office Playlist 10.11.13 [DARKER]

This week's playlist is a lot more..."energetic" than last. Tune in if you're into fast paced, loud, dark beats to power you through your workday.

Tune out if you're scared...

Oct 09

Interface design trends - Sticky navbars

Recently I've been spotting "sticky" navigation headers across the web more frequently. A lot of them are quite good looking, but it's not all about appearances. Did you know that sticky menus are 22% quicker to navigate?

Inside I outline a few well executed examples of this design trend you should be paying attention to.

Oct 06

Autopsy of a failed side project

Many people write about exciting new projects they're working on, but how often do you read articles detailing failure?

Recently I sent a two year long project to the graveyard. Read on to find out what I learned from the experience...