Apr 20

Normalizing cannabis through design

Since 2017 I've been leading the design team over at Green Bits — the premier technology provider for retail cannabis stores nationwide.

Over the past two years, we've scaled dramatically — supporting 3 legal states when I joined to 33 by the end of this year. In my role as Principal Product Designer I've had the opportunity to travel the country and interact with some great people in this emerging industry. Along the way I've learned a ton about nuances of the legal cannabis market, which differs quite drastically from state to state.

When the opportunity presented itself to speak at Designers + Geeks — High By Design 2019 I jumped on it — eager to share what I learned with other designers and product people.

It was great to open people's eyes to unique concepts in this industry related to Compliance like Seed-to-Sale tracking. For those not familiar, Seed-to-Sale tracking is each state’s way of attempting to ensure that the legal cannabis market stays honest.

Because of compliance and other factors, retailers jobs are exponentially more difficult in legal cannabis than any other retail market in America.

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Download — Normalizing Cannabis Through Design

This deck outlines some of those challenges and shows how we're solving a couple of them at Green Bits. I'd love to give this talk again. If you're interested in hearing it at an upcoming event you're hosting, please get in touch.

Written by Seth Banks

Seth spends most of his days leading the design team at Green Bits and improving Cashboard. Occasionally he finds time to write about music, design, startups, and technology.

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