Nov 17

Substruct 0.95

I’ve just finished tagging a new release of Substruct, the open-source Ruby on Rails e-commerce and cms engine.

There are tons of new features and an update UI. If you haven’t checked it out recently, now is the time.

Version 1.0 should be out before year’s end – including an easier way to install for n00bz to rails, amongst other things. I’m really bad with version numbers – this thing has been out about two years now and I still haven’t felt comfortable calling it 1.0 :)

The release is available at:
(substruct / substruct – for SVN auth credentials)

Version 0.95
MAJOR UPGRADE...lots of new features. Do some thorough testing before you 
roll this out if you're upgrading.

Upgrade steps:
	1. script/generate plugin_migration
	2. rake db:migrate
	3. You should diff your application.rb file with application.rb.example
	   in config_stubs. New before_filters have been added.
	- Multiple images per product
	-- You can also set a default product image via drag & drop
	- Product variations
	- Product view pages
	- Product discontinuation & quantity checking
	- Tag grouping for products
	- Customer logins
	- Order history
	- Wishlist support
	- Related product support
	- Inventory control now actually works
	-- Products with inventory <= 0 will not show on the public-facing site
	-- Item quantities decremented after a successful order
	- Live shipping rate calculation RIPPED out, replaced with shipping 
	  rate table and new preferences UI.
	-- FedEx is a bitch to set up for most people, and this can achieve the same
	   damn thing.
	- ActiveMerchant now supported instead of Payment gem
	- ContentNodeTypes removed in favor of SingleTableInheritance
	-- Blog, Page, and Snippet models added
	- Cart now uses subModal instead of lame DIV at the bottom of the page
	- User interface / design
	-- Admin UI larger to work better on 1024x768 screens minimum
	-- Tweaked graphics and fonts to look better x-platform
	-- Public UI updated
	- OrderUser now has a requirement that email addresses be unique
	-- Added migration to clean up dupe OrderUsers, and set proper associations
	   on OrderAccount and OrderAddress
Written by Seth Banks

Seth spends most of his days leading the design team at Green Bits and improving Cashboard. Occasionally he finds time to write about music, design, startups, and technology.

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